Use Data to Win

DC1 uses real-time data analytics based on your naming conventions, scheme, and defensive calls to help you adjust quickly to what the opposing offense is doing. 


DC1 is simple, flexible, and affordable.  It is a MUST HAVE for Defensive Coordinators. 


Use data to support your decisions! * 512.456.8560

DC1 allows Defensive Coaches to collect important data about the opposing offense in real time so that effective defensive adjustments can be made quickly.


DC1 is priced at $8.33 per month


The first order of business is loading your schedule into the DC1 tool.  This is a simple process, but we have to start here.


As you scout your opponent in your video scouting tool you will name their formations and plays using your naming schemes and import them into DC1


The opposing OC will probably come with a few "tricks up his sleeve". DC1 's job is to find these as fast as possible so you can Adjust with Agility!


Your opponent scouting work will import in the DC1 playbook from your video scouting tool.  You simply add your defensive calls for the week!


DC1 has the capability to be used in practice mode as a scout team "book" and is able to hold multiple customized practice scripts.

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