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Combining Defensive Coaching with Data Analytics to Provide Agile Adjustments

100% customizable using YOUR schemes, methods, & terminology

What you call "Doubles", someone else calls "10 Personnel".  DC1 allows you to use the terminology you and your staff utilize.

Integrates with and augments your current online video analyzer tool

There is NO substitue to watching film. DC1 can use your breakdowns of plays and formations during the game to help analyze the opposition's trends & tendencies.

On-demand, real-time reporting on offensive data and trends

Are they favoring the field? When are they going weakside? What is their best formation?  What is our worst front/blitz/coverage combo?


After you complete your scouting, you import the opposition's formations, plays, and personnel packages into DC1. DC1 will prompt you to create the "play card" for the respective formation and play. If you are facing an opponent that runs a formation and play that you have previously entered, DC1 will remember it so there is no need for duplicating work.

Import Your Scouting Data

DC1 Football Tool

Finalize Your Playbook

For The Week

Enter your fronts, blitzes, and coverages that you may call that week in the DC1 playbook. The playbook will also store previous opposition formations and plays that you have previously used.  Even though you did not see the opponent run these when you scouted them, remember they are watching your film as well.


Track the Series of the

Opposing Offense

As defensive coaches, we have been charting plays during games for years. Now every play (and every tendency) is being tracked in real-time in the DC1 game screen. We are able to create a dynamic "hit chart" on top formations, top plays, and best offensive & worst defensive calls. DC1 allows you to alter you game script quickly if needed during 2-minute drills and no-huddle situations

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 12.21.53 AM.png

Access Real-Time

Tendency Reports

Don't wait until halftime to make all your adjustments and don't try to to reteach technique on the fly.

Instead, gain insight into what the opposing team tendencies are, your defensive play calling patterns, and put your players in the best position to succeed. As coaches we all have habits and tendencies, see your opponent's inclinations in real-time


Follow along as we show you how to use DC1 while we track and analyze a 9-play offensive drive in real-time. There is NO OBLIGATION to view the demo and we will NOT spam your inbox.

Our Story

Our Story


by Coaches for Coaches

  • Adjust series by series based on real-time data

  • Gain insight into what the opposition is seeing

  • Make defensive calls quickly based on analytics

  • Recognize tendencies/gaps in your play-calling


Coach B. 

Houston, TX

When they were going no-huddle we ended up lining up in base a lot because it was so fast.  DC1 quickly identified what our best defensive set against the formation was so we could have checked to it quickly

Coach S. 

Phoenix, AZ

Watching the film the next day, the opposing offense had some pretty obvious tendencies that I just did not catch during the game.  It is a bit embarrassing to admit but they literally passed to the boundary every time and outside runs were 85% to the field. Implementing DC1 allows us to now proactively adjustment based on tendencies we can see immediately thanks to the reporting screens. 

Coach P. 

San Diego, CA

They came out in a completely different personnel  package and showed formations we had not seen at all when scouting.  DC1 allowed us to way scout them while we simultaneously played them in a game.                   

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