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Frequently Asked Questions

DC1 was developed by coaches and our primary mission is to help defensive coaches be able to adjust with more efficiency by providing a simple analytical tool that coaches can easily customize and implement. DC1 is all about "adjusting with agility".

You Watch Film & Gameplan

Watch film & gameplan as you always have. You will export the opponent's formations and plays after scouting into the DC1 tool.

You Will Chart Their Offense

Using DC1's simple interface, you will track the plays of the opposing offense. The interface is designed to collect the trends that will begin to reveal patterns that you can use to exploit your opponent and/or correct a weakness

Combat No-Huddle Offenses

Make sound defensive calls based on real-time analytics based solely on formation and avoid "traps".

Craft Your Gameplan

Through the week you will install your defensive gameplan and enter the calls into the DC1 playbook

DC1 Provides Real-Time Reports

Between series, you can analyze not only the offense's tendencies, but also your defensive tendencies and immediately rectify issues or "double-down" on successes.

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