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DC1 is an iPad App only.  Therefore, you must visit this link with an iPad. We are here to help, so please let us "coach" you on any questions, clarifications, or issues you have.  LIke you, we are coaches and we want to fix things, so let us!  There are a few ways to try DC1 and they are described in detail below with helpful video tutorials.


In order to export the formation and play data to Hudl we need to make the column set "uniform".

  1. Click on "Change Columns"

  2. Click on "Manage Sets"

  3. Click on "Create a New Set"

  4. Enter a Set Name

  5. Click on "Add This Set"

  6. Select Play #, Off Form, Off Play so that they stay on right side under "Displayed Columns"

  7. Click "Save This Set"

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