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Video Tool Scouting Exports and Best Practices 

After you and your staff have watched film and scouted the opposing offense it will be time to import your scouting information into the DC1 tool.  There are some best practices to do utilize to optimize your DC1 experience:

                          Hudl Scouting

Create a Consolidated Scout List

  1. Create an "Offensive Playlist" to consolidate all of the opposing offense plays in one list.

  2. In the Hudl tool, select all films that you are scouting

  3. Once the individual games are selected, change the "ODK" to "O"

  4. Click on "Save Playlist" to left hand side above clips and name the playlist.  Typically this playlist is named "Opposing Team Name Offense" and kept under "Opponent Scout".  So if playing East High this week.  We would have all East High Scout films consolidated and all D & K clips filtered out and this playlist would be called "East Offense".

  5. Remember to share this new playlist with the other coaches on your staff.

       View the "Saving an Offensive Playlist" Video here​​













                     Importing to DC1

Move your Scout Data to DC1

  1. On the iPad open the DC1 app and from the home screen click on "Scout Team" 

  2. Find the team in your schedule that you scouted for click on "Scout"

  3. At the bottom of the screen you will see "Import" - click that and it will take you to your iCloud drive

  4. If you are not logged into iCloud on your iPad, you will be asked to give your iTunes credentials

  5. Locate your data file and press it.  It will ask you to name the import.  

  6. Once the import is named, click "Save" and the scouting data will appear in your "Scout' screen.

  7. If you have never imported the name and corresponding play, you will need to draw it up in DC1.

            View the "Seeing Your Scouting Data in DC1" Video here

                        Saving to iCloud

Move your .CSV file to iCloud

  1. From your computer (Mac or PC) go to www.icloud.com and login using your Apple ID and password 

  2. Once logged into iCloud. click on "iCloud Drive".  It would be best to create a folder by season etc. for organization, but that is optional

  3. In the iCloud Drive, click on the "upload" icon and select the .csv from it's location on your computer hard drive.

  4. The offensive scout data is now available in your iCloud drive.

            View the "Saving to iCloud" Video here

  • If using a PC - Once in the spreadsheet, Click on File>"Save As".  Name the playlist (example: "East_Offense")​ and chose a location to save it on your hard drive where you will find it later (the desktop is a good option).  Under "Save As Type" choose "Comma Separated Values (.csv)"  [Sometimes shown as CSV MS-DOS] and click Save.


             View the "Exporting to CSV on PC" Video here

Export the Consolidated Scout List

  1.  Now that we have all of our scouted plays in one playlist AND we have created a "DC1 Column Set" We can move our scout data

  2. Click on your offensive playlist on Hudl and go to "Change Columns" and select the DC1 Column.

  3. Ensure that it has columns for "PLAY #", "OFF FORM", and "OFF PLAY"

  4. Select the three dots next to "Edit Data" above clips (you will need Hudl Administrator rights).

  5. Select the choice "Export Data to Excel"

  6. The playlist will download to your computers hard drive.  You will want to check your downloads folder.

  7. The next step will vary slightly depending on if you are using a PC or a Mac.  

  • If using a Mac - Click on File>"Save As".  Name the playlist (example: "East_Offense")​ and chose a location to save it on your hard drive where you will find it later (the desktop is a good option).  Under "format" choose "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" and click Save.


            View the "Exporting to CSV on Mac" Video here

Create a "DC1" Column Set in Hudl

  1. You need to create a "DC1 Column Set" inside Hudl.  You need administrator rights in your Hudl install and you only have to do this 1 time.

  2. In the Hudl tool go to the "Change Columns" and click 

  3. You will see a window with all of your column sets.  At the bottom it says "Manage Sets" - click on that

  4. On the bottom left you will see "Create a New Set" - click on that

  5. You will be asked to name your new set, I call mine "DC1"

  6. You will have to possibly move data out of the "Displayed Columns" area:

    1. Do this by highlighting the column label you want to remove and clicking the < button.  ​

    2. Continue this process until all columns are removed except for "PLAY #", "OFF FORM", and "OFF PLAY"

  7. If Necessary to add the column labels of "PLAY #", "OFF FORM", and "OFF PLAY" from the "Hidden Columns" area simply highlight these labels and click the > button to move each one to the "Displayed Columns" area.  You can arrange them in preference of order by highlighting the column and moving the data up or down using the up and down buttons to the right of the "Displayed Columns" area.

                  View the "Create a DC1 Column Set" Video here