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DC1’s #1 priority is to provide more in value then we take in payment.


 We believe in this great game and those that dedicate their lives to teaching it.  


Therefore, the DC1 user should always receive much more in benefit than he sacrifices in costs.

At DC1 our philosophy is that coaches should serve their players.


 At its core, servant leadership puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.  


That is exactly what coaching is and is synonymous with DC1’s mission for assisting coaches.  We work for you and we win and lose with you.

As a coach, the most valuable gift you have to offer your players and your program is yourself.  


While you can learn from other coaches in terms of Xs and Os, practice planning, etc. - your ultimate worth as a coach derives from the characteristics you bring.  At DC1 we strive to be transparent with our coaches and we can promise you we will make mistakes.


But, we promise we will own those mistakes and just like what you ask of your players, we will give you full effort.

DC1 is a company built by Football Coaches, for Football Coaches.  Below are our values which we expect to be held accountable to:

As a High School Coach, I always look forward to Saturday game planning.  I truly enjoy the process of running reports to create a hit chart, identifying tendencies, and then deciding how we are going to stop the opposing offense. Everyone looks forward to kickoff on Friday and as a coach, I am excited to see how our kids respond.  I am also very anxious to see how our defensive gameplan “matches up” to the opposing offense. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of a great defensive plan that is being executed perfectly. But what about when the plan falls apart? What about when the opposing offensive coach has your number?  You know that feeling I am speaking about.


There are those games where you start giving up big plays early and the panic of “stopping the bleeding” sets in.  There are also those games when in hindsight self-scout review, you realized the opposing OC was setting you up and during the game you did not see it coming.  They end up gashing you late in the game and you are stuck with the “If we would have only adjusted earlier…” feeling


Halftime is really the only time we can adjust effectively as we meet as a staff, and write up on a whiteboard where we think we are being exploited.  We frantically share these adjustments with the players and hope that we have enough to win the 2nd half.


DC1’s main objective is to allow Defensive Football Coaching Staffs to Adjust with Agility and Effectiveness.